Graco 243040 Extension with RAC IV Tip Guard, 10-Inch, Gray

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Product Description Tip extensions save time and reduce fatigue when spraying high, low or recessed areas. They extend your range and you spray more efficiently without ladders or scaffolding. Easily spray those hard-to-reach areas like ceilings, soffits, high walls, overhangs and decks. From the Manufacturer Graco - The Brand Preferred by Pros. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a serious DIY enthusiast, a handyman or remodeling contractor, or a painting professional, Graco makes the ideal airless spraying equipment to meet your needs. Whether you are just starting out or moving up, choose the Magnum or Graco model to help you handle your job with ease. No matter what you're painting—entire homes, rooms, decks or fences—Graco has you covered!


  • Spray high, low or recessed areas like ceilings, stairways, soffits, high walls, overhangs or decks reducing the need for ladders or stepstools
  • Tip extension is 10 in. in length
  • Made from aluminum for a durable and lightweight design
  • Compatible with most spray guns with 7/8 in. thread
  • Includes a tip guard and tip seal