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Mapei Grout Refresh Colorant and Sealer: Grout Paint and Sealant - 8 Ounce Bottle, Pearl Gray - Like New

Mapei Grout Refresh Colorant and Sealer: Grout Paint and Sealant - 8 Ounce Bottle, Pearl Gray - Like New

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Like New - Item will come in original packaging and includes all accessories. Item has been tested and is in full working condition. Comes with a 30-day warranty.

UPGRADE YOUR GROUTAre you tired of seeing grubby grout in your kitchen? Thinking about tearing up the old tile in your bathroom because you want a fresher look? Before you start making plans for a complete remodel, let us introduce you to Mapei UltraCare Grout Refresh, a 2-in-1 solution to coloring and sealing your grout! This polyblend paint recolors and restores the look of tired tile grout, so you dont have to waste time on expensive renovations. Simply grab a bottle of your preferred Grout Refresh color, an old toothbrush or paintbrush, and upcycle old grout instantly!KEEP IT CLEANWorried about recoloring your grout just for it to get dirty again? Grout Refresh doubles as a sealer to protect grout lines from common stains caused by future spills and messes. It sets deep within grout lines to create uniform color and erases the appearance of built-up stains that you thought would never disappear.SUITABLE FOR USEThis grout colorant and sealer is compatible with sanded and unsanded cement, epoxy, acrylic, and urethane grout lines and can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces. For best results, ensure the surfaces you are applying the colorant to are clean, dry, and free of any other substances that may prevent or reduce adhesion.RICH PIGMENTSAvailable in 40 standard grout colors, you can find the perfect pigment that matches your existing grout. Or if you want to shake things up, pick a Grout Refresh color that is fresh and new! Each color comes in an 8 ounce (237mL) bottle and can cover up to 300 square feet.ADVANCED FORMULAOur grout colorants and sealers are carefully designed using a water-based formula that is free of harmful substances and delivers superior pigment and protection against future stains and grime. Non-flammable and non-toxic to be safe for use in interior and exterior spaces, Grout Refresh is an environmentally friendly solution to quickly upgrading your tile grout!

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