MULTUS Handle and Haul 2 Handle Moving Strap to Secure Lift Carry Drag

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250 lb Working Load Capacity: (U.S. Patent # 10,131,499) Ultra-Light Compact Comfort Grip Handle that can be moved along the length of a 9 foot length 1 inch wide polyester webbing. The webbing can be secured fast and easy to a patented cam buckle (U.S. Patent # 6877189B2). The "Patent Pending" system allows easy adjustment of the length of the webbing and adjustment of the handles for improved pulling power and control when moving awkward heavy objects to reduce common injuries and to make the work of securing, lifting, carrying, pulling and dragging easier. Unique characteristics are the multiple configurations you can move the handles, adjust the straps and combine straps for handling furniture, construction materials and boxes. It can also be used as a tie down to secure objects. The polyester is made from T-135 heavy duty polyester thread. The webbing is secured by 3 Bar Tack stitching for durability and strength. The patented Rollercam technology incorporates a brass roller into the cam body, reducing friction and allowing the cam strap to tighten more effectively and securely.


  • Lift and carry household items easier with the Handle and Haul Moving System
  • Upright lifting position provides greater control and improved pulling power while reducing fatigue and injuries
  • Dual-handle system helps move boxes, storage containers, appliances, furniture, and much more
  • Easily adjustable strap and handles provide 250-lb. working load capacity
  • Includes 2-Yellow handles, 1-Rollercam buckle slide attached to a 9 foot black polyester webbing
  • Incorrect lifting can cause costly spine and joint injuries. Why put your body at risk when there is a better way?