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OX TOOLS Pro Aluminum Body Chalk Reel with Kevlar Reinforced Line | 6:1 Gear Ratio &100-Foot of Line

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ABOUT THE PRODUCT Built with the Tradesman in mind, the OX Tools Pro Aluminum Body Kevlar Chalk Reel is designed to be innovative, durable, and have performance fitting for a professional contractor. The line of the Chalk Reel was developed and built with Kevlar for unmatched durability, withstanding abrasion 20x more than previous models. The aluminum case is built to withstand the rigors of the jobsite and keep internals safe from being damaged after drops, bumps, or knocks. Matte black coating remains cool after sitting in the sun. The body is also designed to be ergonomic and stay comfortable in the hand all day. The reel rewinds quickly with a 6:1 gear ratio. ABOUT OX TOOLSOX Tools' products have been trusted by professionals for over 40-years. We are a company that revolves around innovation, and is committed to the development and improvement of tools for professional tradesmen and DIYer's the same. OX is proud to put its trusted name to every product we sell.
  • Our vision is to bring the strength of the OX to every trades-person.
  • Our tools will be instinctively recognized as tough, dynamic and dependable.
  • Our customers feel like OX is the extra man on site.


  • 2022 ProToolReview Innovation Awards Winner
  • KEVLAR LINE – Innovative line developed and built with Kevlar for durability 20x stronger than previous models.
  • STRONG CASE – Case is made from aluminum for ultimate durability on the jobsite.
  • NON-SLIP HOOK- New hook design offers a strong grip and accuracy when laying chalk lines.
  • ERGONOMIC – Designed to feel comfortable in the hand and remain comfortable all day.
  • FAST REWIND – 6 to 1 gear ratio makes for a quick rewind, saving time after laying a chalk line.


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